The Manufacturing industry has always focused on building out lean processes, which helps consumers to have simplified, cheaper, and expect better quality than ever before. In recent years, the IoT (Internet of Things) has become a cutting edge technology in manufacturing and oil and gas industry. It has also, helped companies to create revolutionary technologies and improve end-user experiences. Due to this, the entire manufacturing – production has been increased and reduced machinery maintenance.

Applying predictive analytics in food, beverage, tobacco, textiles, apparel, leather, paper, oil and gas, coal, plastics and rubbers, metal, machinery, computers and electronics, transportation, furniture and others has deployed an IoT solution using sensors in different locations to generate on-premises simulated data. This data is used to perform an extraction, transform and sync data to a cloud-based analytics platform, accurately identifying locations among multiple sites that require timely maintenance. Digital twins replicate the developing product in a digital form. The use of IoT technology, which incorporates digital twins, advanced data analytics and predictive reasoning, in the industry enables companies to join, analyze, and act on large data sets from the physical assets employed in the field.

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