The key to a successful organization is to have a culture based on a strongly held and widely shared set of beliefs. Our organization strategy based on three key points: employees know how the leadership wants them to respond to any situation, employees believe that the expected response is the proper one, and employees know that they will be recognized for demonstrating the organization's values.

HR has a vital role in spreading a strong & dynamic culture, starting with recruiting and selecting candidates who will share the organization's beliefs and thrive in that culture. HR also develops orientation, training and performance management programs that outline and reinforce the organization's core values and ensures that appropriate rewards and recognition go to employees who truly embody the values.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Organizational Culture

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Organizational Culture are mostly overlooked. It is distinguished by orientation to the traditional values that are important to harmonious human relationships in society and within the organization. Employee attitudes and behaviours drive organisational culture and climate and therefore CSR activities can play an integral function in this context. Motivation and commitment to helping others can enhance employees’ affinity to their organization. CSR should also be sustainable – involving activities that an organization can uphold without negatively affecting business goals.

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